July 15, 2010

Independent Radio Promotion: Investing In The Music Business Part VI

Nine North Records President Larry Pareigis recently chatted with echomusic founder Pinky Gonzales for a discussion in his ongoing series on the music business.  Here’s a quick overview of that interview and a link to the entire transcript:

Larry Pareigis doesn’t just talk about a new music business model, he lives it.  Having spent years of his career at radio stations across the country, he transitioned into the major label world, where he launched a few folks you may have heard of, like the Dixie Chicks, Miranda Lambert, Montgomery Gentry and some redneck named Gretchen Wilson, before taking the leap into the exciting world of entrepreneurship and independent business ownership.  This interview covers a lot of ground and should be a reality check for anyone that thinks major labels have a monopoly on hit songs… although it comes with a price.

Quick disclaimer – I forced Larry to do this interview through Skype so we would have video as well as audio.  The audio sucks when I’m talking, as you’ll hear.  Accordingly, I tried to keep that to a minimum.  Click here for the complete interview transcription.