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Tom Moran Upped To Senior VP

on January 14th, 2014 in News by

Nine North Records-Turnpike Music/Nashville President Larry Pareigis has announced the promotion of music industry veteran Tom Moran, currently Vice President of Promotion, to Senior Vice President, effective immediately. “As a long-time confidant and superb strategist, I thought this was the perfect time to celebrate my decade of working with Tom…

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Chris Borchetta Named West Coast Manager of Promotion

on September 6th, 2012 in News by

Nine North/Turnpike Music President Larry Pareigis & VP/Promotion & Marketing Tom Moran are proud to welcome Chris Borchetta to our team as the new Manager of Promotion, West Coast. “Tom and I like to collect smart people, and Chris is a very smart person. He brings tremendous energy, dedication and…

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Nine North Announces New Northeast Promotion Team Hire

on May 14th, 2012 in News by

Larry Pareigis & Tom Moran, President & VP of Nine North/Turnpike Music are proud to announce the hiring of Jane O’Malia-Staszak as the new Director of Promotion/Northeast for Nine North. For the past 11 years, O’Malia-Staszak has worked with WDSY as well as the other stations within CBS Radio Pittsburgh…

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Nine North Records Expands Promotion Staff

on April 30th, 2012 in News by

Larry Pareigis and Tom Moran, President & Vice President of Nine North/Turnpike Music Nashville are proud to announce a new and expanded lineup of promotion stars for the company. “In an era when most companies are downsizing their teams in the field, we’re proud to be expanding our team to…

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